Blockchain Engineering and Strategy

As early proponents and engineers of decentralized technologies, Cubeform takes pride in providing a wide-range of services and solutions to anyone seeking to take part in the emerging paradigm shift that will forever change the way we trust, transact, and use the Internet.


Solid Strategies

We can document proven technical , industry and marketing strategies to maximize the value proposition of your project.

Powerful Branding

Let us ensure your brand works for you not against you – it should demonstrate and represent your organization’s capacities and value.

Smart Contracts

We can provide a wholly integrated and automated system of smart contracts covering all ranges of your project’s life-cycle and operation.

Blockchain DevOps

We offer high level industry proven blockchain development experience covering all aspects of blockchain and surrounding technologies.


Our hardware developers can provide integration opportunities generally reserved for the most experienced and well funded projects in the space.

Industry Partners

Our partners include leading industry figures, and veteran legal counsel experienced in cryptocurrency regulation, fundraising, and securities law.


Introducing Interstate

The Other State Channel Solution You’ve Never Heard Of.

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Who we are

Cubeform is a premier full service consulting firm serving the blockchain industry – including open source projects, financial institutions, and cryptocurrency exchanges.  Our industry professionals have led, co-founded, or participated in the top cryptocurrency projects over the last five years.

Jose Perez

Design, Branding & Marketing, Application Development, Operations

Dan Conway

Strategy, Partnerships, Exchange Ambassador, Development

Shane Trotter

Engineering Director
& Data Scientist

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