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Solid Strategies

We can document proven technical , industry and marketing strategies to maximize the value proposition of your project.

Powerful Branding

Let us ensure your brand works for you not against you – it should demonstrate and represent your organization’s capacities and value.

Smart Contracts

We can provide a wholly integrated and automated system of smart contracts covering all ranges of your project’s life-cycle and operation.

Blockchain DevOps

We offer high level industry proven blockchain development experience covering all aspects of blockchain and surrounding technologies.


Our hardware developers can provide integration opportunities generally reserved for the most experienced and well funded projects in the space.

Industry Partners

Our partners include leading industry figures, and veteran legal counsel experienced in cryptocurrency regulation, fundraising, and securities law.


Internet of Things

A Blockchain Connected World Key Takeaway: Blockchain technology may be the missing link to resolve common IoT issues such as scalability, security, and reliability. The Internet of Things is the next frontier in tech innovation – enabling free-flowing conversations between humans, machines, software, and hardware. Rapid technological change has enabled billions of people to connect...


Blockchain Use Case for Legislation, Compliance, & Regulatory Oversight Key Takeaway: Blockchain could eliminate common problems for both compliance officers and regulators, such as a lack of reliable access to real-time data, while reducing overall costs associated with complex regulatory processes. Information can be captured immediately and transparently within a distributed ledger. This capability, when…


Blockchain Use Case for Taxes Key Takeaway: Blockchain can reduce tax fraud and administrative costs. This technology has the power to provide insights that could be used to improve economic policies, tax data analytics, and federal, state, and local budget planning. Blockchain technology may soon be used to help solve major global issues such as…


Blockchain Voting Usecase Key Takeaway: Blockchain could be the key to ushering in digital democracy through secure and transparent online elections and record keeping E-voting is considered by many to be the future of democracy, the panacea if you will to sluggish voter participation. Elections today are, however, still largely conducted offline via paper ballots…


Blockchain Identity Applications Key Takeaway: Blockchain's real-time ledger technology may hold the key to revolutionizing digital identity in an always-online world The blurring of the thin line between the virtual and physical world, resulting in our "digital identity," is one of the most significant social and technological developments taking place today. This identity has a...

Real Estate

The Blockchain and Real Estate Key Takeaway: Blockchain technology can disrupt the real estate industry by eliminating obtrusive middlemen, removing existing inefficiencies in key processes, and demystifying the black box of property transactions. Real estate is by far the largest asset class in the world – and yet the industry as a whole is not...


Blockchain Insurance Use Case Key Takeaway: Blockchain can automate key insurance processes, reducing administrative and operational costs and increasing network transparency through more effective fraud detection and reporting. The insurance industry relies on long-standing processes that often involve third parties and sensitive customer data, making it uniquely positioned to benefit from and take advantage of…

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